Media Coverage

TV and radio


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in the audio files.

Video “Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have discovered goats are smarter than we thought” at BBC London – App and Facebook – July 2016

Radio Interview BBC World Service – July 2016


Blogs and news outlets


Die Schule im Stall

Are Goats Smart? Reading Goats’ Minds – Countryside Network


„Brain Training for Happy Goats“ – Countryside Network


Daily Telegraph (1)

“These goats stare at men – when they want help” Science

“The surprising, adorable thing that goats and puppies have in common” Washington Post

“Goats may have better communication skills that we give them credit for” Huffington Post

“No kidding… goats can be friendlier pets than cats” The Times

“Could goats become man’s best friend?”

„Goats are as loving and clever as dogs, say smitten scientists” The Telegraph

„Goats form intense connections with humans, too” Discovery Channel

“Goat studies probe cognitive comprehension” Dairy Goat Journal July/August 2016


„Schlauer als gedacht“ Schweisfurt Stiftung

„Cute overload: Dwarf goats track hidden objects“ Science Magazine Blog

„Peekaboo! Dwarf goats have object permanence too“ IFLScience

Interview with Animal Cognition Blog


2014_Leibniz-Journal 032014 Starrende Ziegen


„Ziegen, die auf Männer starren“ Standard AT

„Ziegen, die auf Männer starren“ Tierwelt

„Ziegen, die auf Männer starren“ Scinexx

„Beating the odds“   


„This little piggy…“   

“Intelligente Schweine”


“Kluge Affen”

Chimps Prefer the 2-Point Conversion


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